How can I help?

We appreciate your interest in getting involved! Please consider the following: Join the coalition and add your name to the list of advocates pushing to Save Chuck. Submit a story telling us how Chuckawalla Valley State Prison has impacted you. Write a letter to your representatives.

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How would Blythe and the State of California California benefit from keeping Chuckawalla open?

By selecting CRC for closure instead of Chuckawalla, the State could not only better ensure fiscal responsibility, but also better satisfy the criteria for choosing a prison to close that they selected: specifically the effects on the local workforce, long-term investments in state-owned and operated correctional facilities, and public safety and rehabilitation. Chuckawalla is a

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Are there other prisons that make better candidates for closure?

Chuckawalla is just one of many prisons in California that could be closed. For many reasons, the City of Norco’s California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in particular is a more fitting candidate for closure.  As calculated by the Legislative Analyst’s Office in its State Prison Infrastructure Report, CRC requires $670 million more than Chuckawalla in infrastructure

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