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Press Releases & Op-eds2023-05-24T10:06:15-07:00

Save Chuck Movement Gains Traction and Support As List of Coalition Members

The Save Chuck movement, which aims to keep Chuckawalla Valley State Prison open, is rapidly gaining support as more legislators, organizations, and concerned citizens align themselves with the cause. The list of coalition members and supporters is growing daily as the movement gains traction and attention.

Save Chuck: Coalition Launched to Stop the Closure of Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

As outlined in Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2022-23 State budget, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison has been selected for closure by March 2025. This prison is located in Blythe, California and plays a central role in the economy of its surrounding community. Residents and City leaders in Blythe are concerned about the possibly devastating effects this prison closure could have. The newly formed ‘Save Chuck’ coalition represents an effort to make the voices of the people of Blythe heard.

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